The 5 Best Firefox Extensions for a Web Developer

Since the Firefox browser was born, disputes over which of the browsers is better have not subsided on the Internet. Judging by the site statistics now 80% will prove that Inernet Explorer is the best, 13% – that there is nothing better than Firefox, well, the remaining 7% will praise Opera, Safari and other creations for “comfortable spending time on the Internet.”

And only among web developers – complete silence! Because they know that the best browser is Firefox.

And they […]

Again about steganography – overview of the steghide utility

Solution: Several steganographic utilities available under the GNU GPL license will help solve the problem.

The Debian distribution is simply an encyclopedia of the most diverse and extremely useful data manipulation utilities. And there are just a huge number of data hiding programs in it. Here is one of them – a small, but very sophisticated steghide utility for steganographic embedding of data into drawings or sound files.

Steganography – literally means “secret writing” in Greek. This is the science of the […]