CMS Drupal and its features

What is the first thing we pay attention to and should pay attention to when choosing a CMS engine? Perhaps for the convenience of use. This aspect directly depends on functionality, flexible configuration, content management and much more. Installing CMS on the server, we, of course, gradually begin to understand what and how in these very settings, but after all the same… we delete it without having studied even a small part of the possibilities. This approach is rather wrong, […]

introduction to MINIX 3


How often have you rebooted your TV in the past year? Probably much smaller than your computer. Of course, there are many “reasons” for this, but more and more users who are far from technology do not want to hear about them. They only want their computer to work perfectly all the time and never fail. MINIX 3 is a project to develop an operating system as reliable as a TV for embedded systems and critical applications, as well as […]

analyzing network protocols has become more convenient

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ProLAN has developed ProMirroring technology, which simplifies the use of any network protocol analyzer in a switched network. The technology is supported by all products of the SLA-ON family, including the free QuTester+ program, and can be effectively used in switched networks based on equipment from Zyxel, 3Com, Allied Telesis, Cisco Systems and others.


Today network protocol analyzers are effectively used by IT departments and information security departments to solve a wide range of tasks. With their help, you […]