Entertainment and leisure on the Internet: rules for choosing an online casino

If you like relaxation and a sense of excitement, then an online casino is ideal for you as the main way for entertainment. Many people are active players in online casinos and this trend has long become familiar. Every year the popularity of online casinos is growing rapidly and such establishments are gaining a larger audience. Often, players come to the gaming operator’s website for a variety of purposes, ranging from simple pleasant leisure and ending with the desire to […]


of Trace programs. ”

A program is a set of computer instructions, complete and self–sufficient, ensuring the performance of a specific task. Those who produce programs distribute them through a retail network or via the Internet. The program needs to be installed (installed) on the computer so that the user can work with it.

The following groups of programs are distinguished:

System programs. These programs manage all computer resources, check the operability of devices, and ensure the operation of other programs. System programs […]

introduction to MINIX 3


How often have you rebooted your TV in the past year? Probably much smaller than your computer. Of course, there are many “reasons” for this, but more and more users who are far from technology do not want to hear about them. They only want their computer to work perfectly all the time and never fail. MINIX 3 is a project to develop an operating system as reliable as a TV for embedded systems and critical applications, as well as […]