Principles of operation and components of a personal computer

The role of information in the modern world

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A computer is a universal tool for information processing. It can solve almost all your tasks, only three components are needed:

  • Hardware is a complex of technical devices of a computer.
  • Software (Software, Software) is a set of programs, where a program is a set of instructions according to which the hardware works, and the purpose of each program is to solve a user’s task.
  • Knowledge (Brainware). The User (a person who uses a computer as a tool for solving production or personal tasks and who is not a computer specialist at the same time) must have basic knowledge in the field of hardware and stable knowledge and skills of working with the software he needs.

Currently, the computer and software manufacturing industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy of developed and developing countries.

Reasons for the rapid growth of the personal computer industry:

low cost;

comparative profitability for many business applications;

ease of use;

the possibility of individual interaction with the computer without intermediaries and restrictions;

high possibilities for processing, storing and issuing information;

high reliability, easy repair and operation;

the ability to expand and adapt to the specifics of the use of computers;

availability of software covering almost all spheres of human activity, as well as powerful systems for the development of new software.